Choosing Crassulaceae Fit for Your Location

Crassulaceae plants are succulents, and they need serious care for them to survive different environmental conditions. If you don’t know how to take care of your plant according to your location’s climate, you might want to take note of these three points:
Consider Plant Hardiness

The hardiness of the plants determines its lifespan or surviving capability. Hardy succulents can tolerate cold temperatures and survive for up to -20 F to -10F. These plants either change color or turn dormant in order to cope up with the weather and survive.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Taking Care of Crassulaceae

Taking care of Crassulaceae is easier compared to taking care of other plants. However, you still have to take the necessary measures to ensure that the succulents grow healthy. Here are some tips you can follow:
Use the Right Containers
The last plant owners want is for their plants to get waterlogged due to inappropriate containers. Drowning your plant on an excessive amount of water is the easiest way to kill it. Always make sure that your plant container has drainage holes. If your container doesn’t have them, you can try putting pebbles at the bottom of the pot before you put in the soil.
Because succulents are sensitive to overwatering, aero planting is highly suggested. You can hang your plants on a makeshift wall and easily water them without worrying of how much you’ve put already.
Water Them Consistently

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