Choosing Crassulaceae Fit for Your Location

Crassulaceae plants are succulents, and they need serious care for them to survive different environmental conditions. If you don’t know how to take care of your plant according to your location’s climate, you might want to take note of these three points:

Consider Plant Hardiness

The hardiness of the plants determines its lifespan or surviving capability, this is similar to how lawn grows and the type of zero turn mower you need to use. Hardy succulents can tolerate cold temperatures and survive for up to -20 F to -10F. These plants either change color or turn dormant in order to cope up with the weather and survive.
Soft succulents, on the other hand, it’s important to choose a top water timer as they can’t survive cold temperatures. Sometimes, depending on its structure, there are soft succulents which can survive on cold temperatures.

Know Your Plant

Once you’ve chosen your plant, do some research about how to grow it. Crassulaceae plants are usually low maintenance. Though not particular with soil PH, these plants still need a well-drained soil.

Check the Weather

Some Crassulaceae plants won’t be able to handle too much sunlight for they can get sunburned. Most of them can handle temperatures below 90 F. Thus, you can grow them in areas with filtered sunlight but not direct exposure to afternoon light when the temp are highest. Extreme temperatures could damage the plants.

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