A Beginner’s Guide to Taking Care of Crassulaceae

Taking care of Crassulaceae is easier compared to taking care of other plants. However, you still have to take the necessary measures, like find a good set of knives, to ensure that the succulents grow healthy. Here are some tips you can follow:

Use the Right Containers

The last plant owners want is for their plants to get waterlogged due to inappropriate containers. Drowning your plant on an excessive amount of water is the easiest way to kill it. Always make sure that your plant container has drainage holes. If your container doesn’t have them, you can try putting pebbles at the bottom of the pot before you put in the soil.

Because succulents are sensitive to overwatering, aero planting is highly suggested. You don’t need to fire up the generator for this idea. You can just hang your plants on a makeshift wall and easily water them without worrying of how much you’ve put already.

Water Them Consistently

Despite Crassulaceae being drought tolerant, it doesn’t mean that water isn’t essential anymore. Plants get dehydrated too! Make sure to observe your plant, water it just enough, so you will not drown it. The ideal watering time would every two weeks.

When you see the leaves starting to dry and wrinkle, you might’ve not water your plants for a long time.

Expose them to Sunlight

Make sure that your plant gets enough of sunlight. Those which gets insufficient light gets longer stems and sparse leaves. Meanwhile, those which receives too much acquire brown, scorched leaves. Keep an eye on your plant and adjust accordingly!

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